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Webcast - Transforming your business for good

Thank you for participating in yesterday's webcast: „Transforming your business for good“ that we hosted together with our partners Ferris Labs and Integration Alpha.

Together we looked at the topic of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) from the perspective of a fictitious universal bank. The relevance of ESG is high and should be part of every company's corporate social responsibility.

We evaluated two use cases („ESG payment classification“ VS „ESG asset assessment“) according to the bank’s strategy. The „ESG asset assessment“ matched the bank’s strategy most and has different implications for the organization, processes, and information systems of the bank.

Our approach allowed us to investigate how data can be used for the establishment of ESG best practices at banks. AI technologies especially play an important role in this context.

Next week, our partner Integration Alpha will provide further insights into ESG from a project implementation perspective.


AI Spaces, 2022

Our mission at AI Spaces is to drive the sustainable integration of artificial intelligence in organizations, creating synergistic partnerships that drive growth and innovation while balancing ethical and societal considerations.

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