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  • Timon Jaeggi

AI Spaces @Stage Two

Last Thursday, AI Spaces participated in Stage Two Berlin, the largest pan-European competition for startups emerging from leading universities. This was a significant milestone for the team, and we were proud to showcase our innovative platform to more than 50 renowned investors and receive valuable feedback.

Our platform is a game-changer in data analytics, automatically matching business needs with tailored AI solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) receive free project assessments highlighting the best-suited use cases for their specific needs and the organizational impacts of implementing them. On the other hand, data analytics providers benefit from personalized product presentations and the opportunity to receive project requests directly on the platform.

We are grateful to Siemens and HHL Digital Space for giving us the opportunity to participate in the competition and receive valuable feedback. The pitch was available for viewing online and was streamed live for those interested in learning more about the platform.

This event was a memorable experience for the AI Spaces team, as we had the opportunity to network with inspiring individuals and showcase our platform to a broader audience. We received many positive comments and insights that will help shape the future of our platform.

Click here for more impressions from Stage Two


AI Spaces, 2022

Our mission at AI Spaces is to drive the sustainable integration of artificial intelligence in organizations, creating synergistic partnerships that drive growth and innovation while balancing ethical and societal considerations.

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