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Our Mission.

Our mission at AI Spaces is to drive the sustainable integration of Artificial Intelligence into organizations. We fuel growth and innovation while considering ethical and societal aspects and creating synergistic partnerships.

What we do.

AI Spaces has been driving AI research and advising companies internationally for three years. Our scientifically sound "AI Impact Assessment Framework" provides a roadmap for smart AI innovation decisions. Our approach includes everything you need - from strategy derivation and process analysis, to use case descriptions and conceptual AI configurations. Plus, join us for some AI fun in our interactive workshops!

Christian Dietzmann PhD | Founder

Christian has been advising financial, energy and pharma companies on their AI potentials. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the "AI impact assessment framework" and thus laid the methodological foundation for our approach. He has authored several international publications, teaches at universities and gives talks.

Lasse Wrobel | Co-Founder

Lasse holds a M.Sc. in Information Systems and is the expert in translation between AI experts and business departments. He has supported IT projects in various industries, designed an AI lexicon and developed the AI project cycle, which supports project coordination.

Timon Jaeggi | Co-Founder

Timon holds a Master's degree in economics and is an expert on the impact of AI on the workforce. He has applied his scientifically validated AI process impact analysis approach in the financial industry and holds expertise in the development of digital platforms.

Vielen Dank!

Timon Jaeggi | Co-Founder

+41 78 661 44 52

Contact us for any inquiries or questions about our offer. We will be happy to advise you.

Vielen Dank!

Become part of AI Spaces.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented candidates at the intersection of digitalization, artificial intelligence and consulting. Since we don't currently have a position posted, you can use the contact form below to blindly apply.

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