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  • Timon Jaeggi

Meet Our Advisory Board!

It's been over two months now since we joined the startup incubation program at HHL Digital Space - The Digital Transformation Platform. So far, it has been a unique experience that has helped us to understand the market, the customers, and the needs around data-driven innovation better.

But not only that, the program has already taught us great lessons in collaboration and teamwork:

We have created a network that regularly inspires us to collaborate, share our knowledge with each other, and develop innovative ideas in completely new ways. Just some days ago, we were able to experience this during our pitch at Stage Two.

Overcoming challenges together makes the difference between success and failure. That's why we decided to integrate the knowledge and years of cross-industry experience of experts into our project.

Hence, we are very proud to introduce our Advisory Board members:

1) Tobias Oberrauch, AI Expert and Consultant

2) Juri Stobbe, Business Development

3) Daniel-Paolo Streitbürger, Data Science and Platform

4) Christian Stuchly, Strategic Advisor

Every member of the board contributes in a different way to the development and success of AI Spaces ventures in the future. We are very much looking forward to working with you and officially welcome you to AI Spaces.


AI Spaces, 2022

Our mission at AI Spaces is to drive the sustainable integration of artificial intelligence in organizations, creating synergistic partnerships that drive growth and innovation while balancing ethical and societal considerations.

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