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We drive the sustainable

integration of AI

AI Spaces identifies AI potentials and the impact on your organization

Have you ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence could impact your business and what opportunities it could bring?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising technologies, offering numerous opportunities to improve your business processes, increase your revenues and enhance your competitiveness.

AI Spaces is the leading company to analyze the potential of Artificial Intelligence for your business.

AI Spaces uses its years of experience and scientifically based methods to identify business potential and realize it by connecting you with suitable and licensed partners. With us, you can successfully and efficiently achieve your goals through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

These companies rely on our expertise

Would you like to receive personal advice from one of our experts – online or in person? Arrange a free consultation appointment now and let our specialists support you.

Transport and logistics
Wholesale and retail
Advertising industry
Health and pharma

And many more ...

Sales increase

Cost reduction

Risk minimization

Quality increase

Product development




Potential scale for specific industry

Choose your industry to display business potentials

All industries hold potential for AI usage - we help you to determine the long-term advantages. 

Given the wide range of applications for Artificial Intelligence, we advise companies in various industries by focusing on individual business needs and objectives. 

Marketing Analytics

HR Retention Analytics

Digital twin

Behavioral Analytics

Geo Analytics

Web Analytics

Voice Authentification

Predictive Maintenance

Capacity Planning

Content personalization

Inventory optimization

Social listening

Dynamic Pricing

Intelligent Alerting

Lead scoring

Predictive Sales

Intelligent call routing

Document automation

Cohort Analysis

Route optimization

Price optimization

AI Avatar

Investment forecasting

Virtual Agents

Warehouse robots

Sales Compensation

Intelligent drug discovery

Fraud detection

Anomaly detection

Automated reporting

Automated Invoicing


Sales chatbot

Malware detection

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing Analytics

Healthcare Chatbot

Risk prediction

Service desk automation

Smart energy planning

Cashierless Checkout

Regulatory Compliance

Error detection

Automated lead gen

Automated diagnosis

HR Analytics

Medical image insights

Procurement chatbot

Smart Compensation

Image recognition

Unlock the power of AI with tailored use cases, from improving customer experience to automating processes.

With so many AI use cases across various industries, it can be overwhelming to determine the most impactful for your company. That's where we come in. Our team of experts works with you to identify fitting AI solutions that align with your unique business needs and goals.

AI Prototyping

Our experts analyze AI potentials and strategy options for your organization. We guide you through every step of the process, identifying and prioritizing challenges to effectively integrate AI into your strategy, organization, systems, and data. We define key performance indicators and explore viable AI use cases, crafting a tailored AI strategy and roadmap.

AI Potential Analysis

AI Implementation

Our experts transform your theoretical AI concepts into functional prototypes through a structured process. We collaborate with stakeholders to select promising use cases and establish clear success metrics. Through requirements workshops, interviews, and careful selection of technology stacks, we design a prototype that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. 

Our experts support you in the important "make or buy" decision before implementing your operational AI solution. For a "make" decision, we develop prototypes into fully functional applications and integrate third-party solutions as required. If you prefer a "buy" decision, we carefully evaluate vendors based on your specific requirements.

We offer three services to guide you into the age of AI.

Would you like to receive personal advice from one of our experts - online or in person? Arrange a free consultation appointment now and let our specialists support you.

Our partners and supporters.

We value our close working relationships with these organizations and recognize the important role they play in our success. Their support and expertise enable us to provide a complete end-to-end service, from concept to implementation, and deliver exceptional results.

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