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2022 - A recap from AI Spaces

The year 2022 is slowly coming to an end. It was an exciting year with many unforgettable moments!

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project. Together we will continue to unlock the potential of AI for even more organizations.

To recap our last 12 months, we'd like to share our 4 favorite moments from the past year.

Moment #1 - Our first Whitepaper

„Last Christmas, I gave you… my first Whitepaper“: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Management Information Processing and Decision-Making. It discusses various implications for managers in the age of information overload. Take another look and explore different use cases for using AI in your business.

Moment #2 - Webcast on Digital Transformation

Together with our partners Ferris Labs AG and Integration Alpha, we conducted a 3-part webcast series on the intersection of data analytics and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). By analyzing suitable use cases and deriving technical specifications from them, your company can master both the challenges of digital transformation and climate neutrality.